Show Highlights

Matthew Wallace Foundation October 22, 2019

We’re still laughing from this weekend’s fantastic fundraiser with The Matthew Wallace Foundation. We were truly honored to be a part of this wonderful event where we raised almost $3,000. 100% of the night’s profits went to charity. Photos courtesy of Linda Pedroso Photography

Pop Up at The Pit! September 28, 2019

What a great and unexpected night! 12 hours notice? Not a problem for Laughing Matters NYC! A fantastic night of pop-up comedy at the Pit!

Laugh Zone Yonkers II September 27, 2019

Triskaidekaphobia September 13, 2019

Is anyone lucky at 13? On Friday the 13th, 13 comics laughed (and sometimes cried) about being 13! Olga Namer headlined this fantastic event at Brooklyn House of Comedy!

Stella’s Bar Flies August 24, 2019

Laugh Zone Yonkers August 23, 2019

Brownstones and Microphones Highlights July 20, 2019

Our debut show at the Brooklyn House of Comedy was a huge success. The show was packed even though it was 95 degrees out. Everyone enjoyed a good laugh and cooled off with the our signature BaHAHAma mama cocktail.

Special thanks to our headliner Alex Babbit – @mr.babbit