Open Mic Rules and Guidelines

Some of our regular open mic guest!
  1. Please arrive on time. While we will accept walk-ins, late arrival is distracting to your fellow comedians.
  2. Please pay the $5 minimum to the Laughing Matters host and purchase your one item minimum from Stella and Fly before heading downstairs.
  3. Please always be respectful to your fellow comics! Stand up comedy is hard, and we are all in this together. Laughing Matters is a comedian focused collective, and the open mic is a welcoming environment for comedians to work on their craft. Please adhere to this sentiment.
  4. Please no cell phone use or notes downstairs. If you need to use your cell phone or take a note, please take it upstairs away from the open mic. Once you are done, please return to the mic and support your fellow comics.
  5. Unless otherwise indicated, each set will last 5 minutes. You will receive the light once you hit 4 minutes. Please acknowledge the light and begin wrapping up your set. Please do not blow the light as that is disrespectful to your host and fellow comedians.
  6. We do record everyone’s set. If you would like a copy of your set, please email within 24 hours of the mic, and we will email your set to you.
  7. Have a great time! We are all here to laugh and work on our stuff.