Comedy, Community, Causes


At Laughing Matters NYC, we value talent over everything else. Our goal is to identify the most talent comedians NYC has to offer and provide them with opportunities to perform and produce video content. Our weekly open mic has developed a reputation as one of the best in New York City, and we credit our inclusive environment for our Stella reputation. We also offer regular perks such as competitions, promotions for discounted/free mics, and we record every comedians set and offer it free of charge. Unlike some of our competitors, we never put on bringer shows, which require comedians to supply the audience by bringing a certain amount of guest to a performance. That’s our job! Instead, we offer comedians valuable stage time to hone their craft. We care about comedy, and we want our shows to be enjoyable for audience and performers.


Laughing Matters NYC cares about our community. Our commitment to community is evident in our relationship with our comedians and audience. We have fostered a community of comedians through our “no-bringer” shows and supportive open mic. Likewise, we try to individually curate each of our shows to match the community where we are performing!


Laughing Matters NYC always has our eye on causes. Every member of Laughings Matters feels passionately about supporting important charities and causes, and we always have our eyes on ways in which we can give back. One of the very first shows that Laughing Matters NYC booked was a charity function with the Matthew Wallace Foundation. LMNYC is excited to continue to support important causes in New York.